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I’m Pier Mané, an Italian underwater photographer, living between South Africa and wherever in the world my work takes me. I fell in love with being underwater at a very young age (is that weird?) and began diving right away, earning my first CMAS certification at a Club Med by age 12 and becoming an instructor before my 18th birthday.

Insecure about instructing as a career, I paused my diving after college to pursue a career in oil & gas exploration and production. In 2014, I rented a digital underwater camera, which reawakened my love of diving and ignited it with a passion for underwater photography.

Self-taught (and with a patience and tenacity one might develop looking for and coaxing forth oil hiding beneath the earth), I continue to improve my techniques as I wait for and capture awe-inspiring underwater images. Wide-angle photography, especially, has afforded me many breath-taking vistas (an Italian word; you’re welcome).

Through underwater photography, I nourish and express the artistic part of my soul, as well as my deep love for the ocean and my drive to push my physical boundaries (I’m also a former competitive skier) by striving to master ever-advanced photographic techniques.

Like many underwater photographers, I’m keen on raising awareness of the miraculous ocean ecosystem, which is alarmingly threatened by so many human activities. Mankind’s casual disregard for the world’s oceans (take it from one who has work on offshore platforms), even though their inhabitants are remarkably adaptive, put us all at risk of unfathomable loss. Yet we who visit its depths regularly can and do fathom it. My photos, and those of like-minded photographers, should help us contemplate that risk even as we revel in the beauty and majesty that is the undersea world.

I do hope you will treat yourselves to large prints of my works to adorn the walls of your home. I hope you lose yourself, now and then, in those contemplative moments. Remember the sea, marvel at its strange and beautiful denizens, and be reminded of their preciousness.

Click on the Video to watch my interview with SABC Expresso Show

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I’m proud to have had many of my images appreciated and awarded by international editors and competition judges. In 2015 I was honored with the Up & Coming Underwater Photographer of the Year title for my photo capture Three Pillars. Please check out the Award-winning image gallery here on the site.

Participating in the international competition provides an arena in which to challenge myself. The works of remarkably talented fellow photographers who also have the eye—and the heart—for underwater beauty inspire me to always lean forward into new technical approaches, swimming out, as it were, into ever deeper waters of both the craft and the art.  

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